My Dream chinese Dream我的梦中国梦英语手抄报

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My Dream chinese Dream我的梦中国梦英语手抄报
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My Dream chinese Dream我的梦中国梦英语手抄报
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My Dream chinese Dream我的梦中国梦英语手抄报
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My Dream chinese Dream我的梦中国梦英语手抄报
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My Dream chinese Dream我的梦中国梦英语手抄报内容:

April 8 Monday Fine

Recently we had a class meeting on the topic of My Chinese Dream. Inspired by President Xi's Chinese Dream, everyone talked enthusiastically about his understanding of the Chinese Dream. We all believe that this dream will come true in the future.

I also talked about my own dream. I have always wanted to be a doctor. Not only can doctors save people's lives but also they are doing a respectable job. Doctors can also help people to live a better life with their professional knowledge.

To realize my dream, I must try to work hard from now on. I must learn as much as I can so that I can get into a good medical college, where I can prepare myself adequately for the job of a doctor. Only in this way can I accomplish my goal.

四月八日 星期一 晴





我的中国梦 My Chinese Dream 范文2:

I am a Chinese. I've always been making dreams from time to time. Those dreams made by each average Chinese like me are certainly Chinese dreams. Dreams vary from person to person, and also from time to time. But in a certain era, people share the similar dreams. Here I’d like to share my Chinese dreams with you.

When I was a child in 1970s, poverty kept hovering over my family, just as it did with other average families in the countryside. The misfit second-hand clothes, rain-leaking roof of old adobe house became part of my memory. However, the worse impression is that I was feeling hungry all the time. Sometimes hunger bit me so severely that I regarded dried sweet potato slices as delicious snack, the sharp crack of chewing which are still echoing in my dream. At that time, my dream was getting enough to fill my cooing empty belly.

In the early years of 1980s, as the reform and opening-up policy was implemented, the children dream came true. And then, another dream became clearer and clearer in my mind. I must try my best to escape out of my impoverished and backward hometown. I worked harder at my study than most of my classmates, and, after luckily succeeding in the national college entrance examination, my dream became reality again: after graduation, I became a citizen working in a city. As the first college graduate out of a remote village, my success set an example for my folks. They came to realize that schooling is a good way to change one’s fate. In the following years, there were less drop-outs and more college graduates in my village, of which I am proud even today.

Afterwards, I got accustomed to the life of citizens and I began to dream the same things as other peers: a comfortable home, my own car and a spacious apartment. Based on my toil, more than ten years passed, all of these dreams have been fulfilled. Of course, new dreams will occur to me again and again as time rolls on. Whatever, I believe most of my dreams will come true sooner or later only if my motherland keep advancing with current pace.

My Chinese dreams are also ones of other Chinese people. If every individual’s dreams come true, the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will sure to come true. "The Chinese dream, after all, is the dream of the people,” as the newly-elected Chairman Xi Jinping said.