Happy National Day英语手抄报

作者:51scb    手抄报来源:我爱手抄报    更新时间:2019/1/2

Happy National Day英语手抄报

Happy National Day英语手抄报内容:

I went to my cousin\'s house on the first day of the holidays and got a piece of good news that his wife was pregnant;She said she\'s worrying about getting fat,but on her face there was a unconcealable pleasure of conceiving a baby。My cousin told me that he\'ll educate his child in a severe way,with a future father\'s matureness。I\'m happy for them。:)
Yesterday,our research school\'s soccer team had a match with the graduate students from the department of international business。It was almost a close game in the first half,but we seemed lacking of vigor in the second half,so,we lost the game。
Half of the National Day holidays have passed by。。。life still goes with good and bad times。